Academic studies

American Culture Schools offers its students high-quality, versatile education at international standards with its innovative educational programs and methods. Our school not only transfers knowledge to our students, but also sees learning as a lifelong journey. Information about our school's academic programs and features:

Bilingual Education: The main goal for our English teachers, who accompany the classroom teacher in the classroom and in extracurricular areas and activities, starting from early childhood and throughout the primary school period, is to expose our students to the target language. Thus, in our schools, the English language is classified as a second language rather than a foreign language.

Individual Learning Approach: Each student is unique and therefore our school takes care to adapt to the learning style of individual students. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students with personalized learning experiences.

Project-Based Learning: Our students will gain real-world experience through projects. Develop research, problem solving and creative thinking skills.

E-learning Technologies: We use it in favor of the power of digital technology to our students. E-learning platforms allow students to access anytime and anywhere, and thus makes the learning process flexible. Our students, online resources, materials and live a rich learning experience through an interactive online courses.

Enriched Academic Programs: The main class from elementary school, middle school and high school students' academic gains in the designated areas prepared in parallel with our “enriched academic programs” encourage our students to obtain information at the highest level. While the curriculum are supported by all additional academic courses in Mathematics, Social Sciences, and sciences courses in the curriculum is enriched with specially prepared and forward at the level of all classes. In the meantime, by our Constitution and our students represent our school in the national and international arena with the Olympic team also aimed to give themselves the ability to.

Social Interaction and Collaboration: Our academic studies provide students with the opportunity to develop their social skills and collaborate. Virtual class rooms, projects, and group work encourage students to interact with each other.

Values Education: Our school not only provides our students with knowledge but also attaches great importance to character development. Empathy, honesty, responsibility and ethical values are the foundation of our students' personal and social growth.

Our aim is to maximize the potential of every student and prepare them for the future. Therefore, we design our academic studies to support their personal, social and cultural development.