Main class

Kindergarten education, which is the first step of education, is the first button of the shirt and it must be buttoned correctly. It covers the years from the day the child is born to the day he starts basic education and plays an important role in the children's later lives; It is a process in which physical, psychomotor, social-emotional, mental and language development is largely completed, personality is shaped and the child constantly changes. Therefore, it becomes important for the child to continue his development in a healthy environment at an early age.

Education at American Cultural Schools; It is a quality unity consisting of the student-teacher-parent triangle. The more conscious and healthy this relationship is, the stronger our children's personalities will be. In this process, our children's temperament, social and sports tendencies and tendencies are closely monitored. Again, the most essential element of this period is that language development is at its peak. With BILINGUAL EDUCATION, which is a must, language development is kept under the spotlight with our special language coach. Academically, the transition steps to the basic education process are followed carefully. Happy generation, hopeful future…

Discover the Future!

As American Culture Schools, we help your children discover the future. By supporting their curiosity and desire to learn, we raise them to be the leaders of tomorrow. We are with them to discover the future!

Learning Can Be Fun!

We see learning as a fun adventure, not a boring task. At American Culture Schools, your children will grow up in colorful classrooms, creative projects, and exploring the learning experience with their friends.

Every Child Is Special!

Every child is unique and their potential is unlimited. As American Culture Schools, we support each child's unique talents and interests. We help them find their best version of themselves.