High School

As in all our units, the education philosophy of our schools is unique here as well. We take pride in reaching the final stage with our efforts to raise GOOD PEOPLE in every aspect, with fine, meticulous heart and labor. A good high school should believe that every student can be successful. Our institutions follow the academic development of each student individually, starting from the first years of high school, give individual goals to students with the understanding of continuous development, follow the success graphs of students' goals, produce solutions in courses where student success should be increased, and direct each student to compete with himself, not with others.

Individual or group training is supported as needed for reinforcement and repetition for complete learning. At American Culture Colleges, opportunities are offered not only academically but also for the all-round development of the young person. Students; They are provided with the opportunity to learn by doing and experiencing, their skills in sports, arts and social fields are developed, and opportunities are provided for them to present the projects they manage in national and international projects and competitions. With the awareness that kindness is contagious, their participation in social aid projects is increased, they are encouraged to participate in community service activities, and they are given opportunities to develop their understanding of logic and analytical thinking. In addition to all these, American Culture Schools offer the student the privilege of being evaluated in the same category with students from their own nationality, who will be eligible to enter with language proficiency certificates valid for both domestic and international universities, double diplomas and program documents that can be used for admission to European and American universities, in addition to the high school diploma received by the student.

Discover the Future!

As American Culture Schools, we help your children discover the future. By supporting their curiosity and desire to learn, we raise them to be the leaders of tomorrow. We are with them to discover the future!

Learning Can Be Fun!

We see learning as a fun adventure, not a boring task. At American Culture Schools, your children will grow up in colorful classrooms, creative projects, and exploring the learning experience with their friends.

Every Child Is Special!

Every child is unique and their potential is unlimited. As American Culture Schools, we support each child's unique talents and interests. We help them find their best version of themselves.